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For engines both large and small, starters are basically consumable. An engine can easily see several starters over its functional life because it is a part that will simply wear out over time. Electric Motor Service has the starter parts, including brands like Prelub, that you need for repairs or entirely new units when repair is not an option. At EMS we can help you with engines both large and small, including ATV and marine units. We carry brand names you trust such as Briggs and Stratton and Sawafugi. EMS is ready to help you with all of your heavy duty starter needs from your diesel truck to your bass boat.

Pre-Assembled Starter Repair Kits

It can pay to be prepared. Our starter repair kits bring you everything you need to make a repair so that you will not need to wait for multiple part orders to arrive as you discover more pieces that need to be replaced. They take the guesswork out of part ordering. If you have multiple units under your care, a kit is a smart way to keep the starter parts you need on hand and bundled together in one easy location. EMS kits are the perfect way to keep your equipment running with a minimum of down time.

Sawafugi And Other Trusted Brands

When you deal with Electric Motor Service, you are going to benefit from our experience and our wide selection of brand name parts. You will be able to select from trusted manufacturers such as Sawafugi, Prelub and Mitsubishi Electric and our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you in finding the right parts for your application. We offer everything from starter repair kits to brand new original equipment and aftermarket units. Electric Motor Service also has many remanufactured starters available as well. No matter what your needs are, EMS will help you find the parts that are best for your application.

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