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New Starters for Marine, ATV & Motorcycle Engines

Electric Motor Service may be best known for servicing heavy duty vehicular electrical systems, but it is certainly not all we do. We are also your best source for a new tractor starter, new starters for marine, ATV & motorcycle engines. We carry all of the small motor and marine brands you trust such as:

  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Johnson Electric
  • Arco Marine
  • Valeo

We do not only sell parts, we actually repair a wide range of vehicles and equipment. If you are in West Virginia, you may even be in our service area. From small motors to monster diesel engines, we are your source for heavy duty starters, parts, and repairs. We also carry specialty items such as high amperage alternators and Prelub diesel starters.

Prelub Units for Diesel Applications

One of the worst things you can do to an engine is start it! This can be particularly true for slow starting diesels. The problem is that by cranking before the oil pressure is up you subject the engine to a massive amount of friction. However, RPM Industries has a solution. Their Prelub starters, available for diesels above 100 horsepower, will build the oil pressure before the engine is allowed to crank. Studies show this can reduce engine wear by as much as 60%. The Prelub system can be an incredible addition to any diesel equipment and in a fleet it means a huge reduction in wear related problems.

Electric Motor Service is your source for starters. From new starters for marine, ATV & motorcycle engines or engine saving diesel starters from RPM Industries, we have what you need. Whether you are purchasing for a fleet or a single vehicle, you will receive the same great customer service. Allow us to help you find the starter you need.

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