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Replacement Heavy Duty Starters

Your high amperage electrical system requires high amp components. Electric Motor Service has the heavy duty starters, and alternators you need to repair or upgrade vehicles. We have a wide selection so you will find starter parts for many motors. If you need new starters for marine, ATV & motorcycle engines, we have the parts you need. Even if you have an entire fleet of diesel trucks to service, we still are your best source. All of your favorite brands, such as Prelub, are at EMS.

Heavy Duty Starter Options

At Electric Motor Service we carry both new and remanufactured aftermarket and original equipment. With this wide base, it is easy to find the proper heavy duty starter for your application. This wide selection makes us the perfect choice when you are modifying or upgrading. There are so many heavy duty alternators and starters available that you are sure to find something that will work in your application. Contact us and let our staff help you find the parts you need.

High Output Alternator Choices

Many vehicles need hi amp alternators for their electrical systems. Once, only emergency and construction equipment required something like a high output alternator. Times have changed, though. With the influx of electrical equipment that can be added to vehicles, even private vehicles with large sound systems, custom lights and other accessories now can benefit from heavy duty starters and alternators. Of course, finding the right parts can be a challenge. Not only must the upgraded heavy duty starter and alternator handle the necessary current, they must also fit into your engine. This is where the experience and knowledge of our staff enters into your search to help you find the best solution to your needs.

Heavy Duty Alternators And More

Electric Motor Service is your single source for electrical vehicle components and more. In addition to heavy duty alternators and starters you will also find safety gear and small engine parts. If you are in our West Virginia service area we also perform repairs. When you need a high output alternator, starter or any part for your vehicle's electrical system, you can count on Electric Motor Service.

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