Lights, Signals and FlashersOn-board Camera Systems by Safety Vision

Lights, Signals and Flashers

Electric Motor Service has been a provider of remanufactured and new OEM electrical products and batteries to the industry for more than 33 years. During this time period, we have added several product lines that provide safety to not just the mining industry, but to all of industry. Our knowlegdgeable and experienced sales staff is constantly updating to meet the needs and challenges of todays work environment so that we can provide the necessary safety products to help everyone work safer. Give us a call today and put EMS Safety Products to work for you!

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On-board Camera Systems by Safety Vision

Our customers drive, and their safety drives us. The client organizations we serve consist of drivers and other personnel who encounter frequent hazards in the course of their workday. Some hazards are encountered on site, such as inefficient or unsafe loading and unloading procedures and poor visibility in tight or poorly lit settings. Other hazards are encountered on the road: blind spots, bad drivers or hazardous conditions. At risk are valuable vehicles, valuable property and - most important - valuable personnel. Our products are designed to prevent costly accidents, eliminate workplace injury and most importantly to save lives. Traditionally known as "backup cameras", our systems afford greater visibility in any direction (rear, side and forward views). The end result is comprehensive coverage surrounding the vehicle, which enhances both safety and efficiency. Our modular rear-, side-, and forward-view mobile video camera systems are upgradeable, expandable and interchangeable to scale along with our clients' growing needs.

The West Virginia Board of Coal Mine Health and Safety passed a ruling on September 2, 2005 requiring haulage trucks to incorporate rear vision camera systems as part of their standard equipment. The rule states that there must be one camera mounted on the rear of the truck that shows all activities directly to the rear of the truck on a cab-mounted display. Rear-view cameras have been proven to eliminate potentially fatal blind spots behind the operator and are a necessary and effective way of preventing accidents involving haulage vehicles on mine properties.

EMS and Safety Vision have raised the level of safety provided by rear- and side-view camera systems by providing the most advanced technology to the mining industries of West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, and western Virginia. Our SV-CLCD-70-7-3 allows for the integration of up to four cameras, allowing the operator to see each view on a cab-mounted split screen display.

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