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Electric Motor Service is an independently owned and operated remanufacturing facility and warehouse servicing the Automotive, Agricultural, Heavy Truck, Industrial, Marine, and Off Road Industries by providing high quality Alternators, Generators, Starters, and repair components at a great price backed by sales, service, and technical support that is unmatched.

Small Engine Products

Electric Motor Service has long been associated with small engine manufacturing companies as a service and warranty facility, and through that association we have amassed one of the largest selections of small engine equipment, powersports, and marine starters in the industry. We have options as to reman or new units with most products although through our bulk buying we have most new units available at very close to reman prices and can ship these anywhere in the world. EMS provides starters for small residential and commercial engines, as well as nearly all makes of ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercraft and boats.

Product Lines Offered By EMS

Electric Motor Service is very proud that these well known manufacturing and supply organizations have chosen us to be a representative for their products. We feel that they find us a tremendous asset as a business partner due to our passionate pursuit of customer satisfaction. EMS hopes that you will give us the opportunity to assist you and then you can decide for yourself. We are confident that our experienced and service-oriented staff will help your business continue to thrive in a volatile and competitive market. Give us a call and let us go to work for you.

• Roof Top Units  • Headliners  • Backwall Units  • Underdash Units  • Heaters  • Condensers  • Fittings and Accessories  • Controls  • Blower Motor, Wheels and Fans  • Receiver Driers and Accessories  • Clutches, Compressors and Service Parts  • Heater Cores and Evaporator Cores  • Service Equipment
AC Delco
• Batteries  • Starters  • New and Reman Alternators
• Pump Motors  • Service Parts  • Solenoids  • Ignition Parts
Arco Marine
• Marine Starters  • Tilt and Trim Motors  • Repair Parts
• Alternators  • Generators  • Starters  • Relays  • Repair Parts
Briggs and Stratton
• Starter Motors  • Starter Parts  • Voltage Regulators
Canadian Starter Drive
• Starter Drives
CE Niehoff
• Click here to see CE Niehoff's complete lineup
Cole Hersee
• Click here to see Cole Hersee's complete lineup
Delco Remy
• Click here to see Remy's complete lineup
• Click here to see Denso's complete lineup
Eco-Tech Alternators
• Click here to see Eco-Tech's complete lineup
Go Power!
• Click here to see Go Power!'s complete lineup
• Click here to see Electrodyne's complete lineup
• Click here to see Iskra's complete lineup
• New and Reman Alternators  • New and Reman Alternators
Honda Power Equipment
• Click here to see Honda's complete lineup
Hehr Power Systems
• Click here to see Hehr Power Systems' complete lineup
Leece Neville
• Completely New Alternators  • OE Factory Reman Alternators  • Factory Service Parts
Johnson Electric
• Small Engine Starters  • Pump Motors  • Service Parts
• Complete Engines  • Repair Parts
Miller Electric
• Repair Parts for Miller Welders  • Authorized Warranty Station
• Click here to see Kubota's complete lineup
Lincoln Electric
• Service Parts for Lincoln Welders  • Authorized Warranty Station
• Click here to see Onan's complete lineup
Mitsubishi Electric
• New and Reman Alternators  • New and Reman Starters
Nikko Electric
• New Alternators  • New Starters  • Service Parts
Red Dot
• Roof Top Units  • Headliners  • Backwall Units  • Underdash Units  • Heaters  • Condensers  • Fittings and Accessories  • Controls  • Blower Motor, Wheels and Fans  • Receiver Driers and Accessories  • Clutches, Compressors and Service Parts  • Heater Cores and Evaporator Cores  • Service Equipment
PennTex Industries
• Click here to see Penntex's complete lineup
PreLub Starters
• Complete Starters  • Complete Motors  • Repair Parts
Safetty Vision
• Rear and Side View Cameras
Seymour Paints
• Click here to see Seymour Paints' complete lineup
Star Warning Systems
• Strobes and Beacons  • Rotating Lights  • Light Bars  • Backup Alarms  • LED Light Kits
• New Starter Motors  • New Alternators  • Repair Parts  • Wiper Motors
Vanner Incorporated
• DC to AC Power Inverters  • Battery Monitorss  • Battery Chargers
Peterson Manufacturing
• Vehicle Lighting and Signalling Systems
• Voltage Regulators  • Rectifiers  • Diodes and Diode Trios
Wetherill Associates, Inc.
• New Starters  • New Alternators  • Full Line of Repair Parts  • Bearings  • Housings  • Fans  • Pulleys  • Stators  • Rotors  • Rectifiers  • Diodes  • Trios  • Voltage Resulators  • Brushes  • Insulators and Hardware  • Armatures  • Field Coils  • Castings  • Starter Drives  • Solenoids
Western Motors
• DC Electric Winch and Hydraulic Pump Motors  • DC Crane Motors  • DC Plow Motors  • 12-, 24- and 36-volt Motors  • Repair Parts
• Alternators  • Starters  • Generators  • Lift Pump Motors  • New Repair Parts

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