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Bosch Hi Amp Alternators

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By Chris Thompson
May 13, 2008 - 5:28:02 PM

EMS is please to announce we carry the Bosch AL9962SB & Bosch AL9963SB 200 Amp Alternators For School Bus Applications, The Bosch AL9962SB Is The Pad Mount Unit That Will Replace The Bosch Alternaor AL9961LH 160 Amp Unit, Also The AL9963SB Bosch 200 Amp Unit Will Replace The AL9960LH 160 Amp J-180 Mount Unit, We Carry All A Large Amount Of Inventory On All 4 Units, Bosch AL9960LH, AL9961LH, AL9962SB & AL9963SB . Please Contact Us at 1-800-697-6070 for pricing information

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