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Drawbacks of Hi Amp Alternators

Heavy duty vehicular electrical systems can have a few unique problems. First of all, many hi amp alternators find themselves in some rather extreme circumstances. Heavy duty alternators may be in fire engines or construction equipment, for example, and subject to massive amounts of dust, dirt and smoke. Additionally, they often require great amounts horsepower to create the high output required of them. Electric Motor Service offers a huge range of new alternators, so there is one for every application. When it comes to extreme environments, we often recommend brushless units. C.E. Niehoff manufactures high quality brushless alternators that are designed specifically for extreme circumstances. At Electric Motor Service we can help you find the right high output alternator model for your application.

C.E. Niehoff Brushless Alternators

There are several advantages created by the use of brushless alternators. First of all, they are more efficient and require less input horsepower to create the maximum output current. This alone makes them an advantageous design for hi amp alternators. They can also be sealed, which protects them from dirt and smoke. There is no commutator wear, so they tend to be longer lived than conventional units. C.E. Niehoff has created heavy duty units that capitalize the natural advantages of the brushless alternator to produce superior results. If you need an alternator you can rely on in a high stress environment, contact us with your needs and we will help you find a Niehoff alternator that will work for you.

New Alternators and More

Of course, Electric Motor Service has more to offer than brushless alternators. We are your single source solution for new alternators and heavy duty vehicular electrical components whether you have a fleet to support or a single vehicle. We carry the original equipment and aftermarket brands you trust at great prices every day.

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