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Solid Performing PennTex Alternators

Vehicles as diverse as limousines and fire engines rely on hi amp alternators and high performance alternators to support their extra large electrical systems. PennTex has been manufacturing solid equipment in this area since 1994. Their heavy duty alternators are used in all types of critical applications, including emergency vehicles. They have a well deserved reputation for building reliable hi amp alternator units and other related parts for high capacity electrical systems. Based in Pennsylvania, they maintain a manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas, so they are a great source for everyone who prefers to buy American. This is one of the best alternator manufacturers in the world and Electric Motor Service is proud to carry their parts.

Your Hi Amp Alternator Source

If you need to service vehicles with heavy duty electrical systems, Electric Motor Service is your full service parts connection. We carry a wide selection of hi amp alternator models from all of the top manufacturers such as Bosch, Delco-Remy and Electrodyne so you can choose the exact brand and part you want. Whether you need a single alternator for a repair, a steady supply for converting custom vehicles or the parts to keep a national fleet running, Electric Motor Service will be able to help. Our professional staff will be able to help you find the best parts for your application whether it is a PennTex or another quality brand that you need. They will be able to guide you through the selection process whether you are interested in new, remanufactured, after market or original equipment. Allow us to help you find the best solution to your alternator needs. Between our incredible selection and great customer service, you will never go anywhere else for alternators.

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