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Reliable Heavy Duty Starters

When you need heavy duty starter parts for your high amperage electrical system, turn to Electric Motor Service. We carry the heavy duty starters and alternators you need when your vehicle carries serious electrical equipment. From customized trucks with massive sound systems to fire trucks and construction equipment, we supply the parts necessary to generate the current necessary to keep everything running correctly. At EMS we carry original equipment for those trying to keep their vehicles stock as well as aftermarket upgrades. We also carry both new and remanufactured units as well. We do not restrict ourselves to just the hard working, serious equipment. You will also find great looking chrome alternator, starter and other parts to keep your heavy duty truck looking sharp. When you need electrical system parts for your engine, a high output alternator, whether in a dump truck or ATV, you need Electric Motor Service.

Sharp Chrome Alternator, Starter

Is it important to you to have your vehicle work hard and look good? Then you want chrome alternator, starter and other units from Electric Motor Service. These are serious, reliably functioning parts that happen to also look really great too. At EMS we realize that you want to be able to brag about your vehicle, especially if it is a custom job. There is no reason why the high amperage alternator you need to run an amazing sound system should spoil the look under the hood and these chrome parts will keep that from happening. Contact us today to learn more about chrome part options for your truck.

Whether you need heavy duty starters for agricultural equipment, a repair kit for your boat's starter or something shiny for your pride and joy, we can help you. Allow our professional staff to help you find the best solutions to your parts problems.

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