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Brushless Hi Amp Alternator Advantages

A heavy duty alternator earns it's name; they not only generate high amperage currents but also, because of their power, tend to be used in rather extreme applications. A hi amp alternator is often going to be used in construction, agriculture or emergency equipment. In these hazardous applications, a brushless unit is often the best solution. Not only are brushless alternators resistant to dirt, dust, smoke and water but they also naturally produce higher currents with less input energy. When you need brushless alternators, Electric Motor Service suggests Electrodyne. They produce a high output alternators and some of the finest brushless alternators available today.

What Makes Electrodyne Alternators Special?

There are several manufacturers producing brushless alternators today. It is fair to ask why Electrodyne units are any different. They take extra steps to ensure their units perform up to the strictest standards. Among their features you will find:

  • Designed for permanent bearing alignment
  • Oversize grease reservoir
  • Replaceable diodes on most models
  • Double lip grease seal with Teflon (600 degree rating)

Electrodyne alternators are solid, reliable pieces of equipment that are built for years of high output operation. Contact our representatives today to learn more about these fine brushless models and their applications. As your heavy duty alternator & starter source, Electric Motor Service is ready to help you find everything you need. Our selection brings in a great deal of our business, but it is our incredible customer service that keeps bringing our customers back.

EMS: Your Alternator & Starter Source

Contact Electric Motor Service today so our professional staff can help you get the parts you need. As your alternator & starter source, we have the inventory and expertise to connect you with the part that is best for your application. From single vehicles to fleet maintenance, we are the only heavy duty vehicular electrical equipment source you will need. Whether you are unsure which hi amp alternator you need or know exactly what you want, contact us today and allow EMS to connect you with your parts.

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